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Mass Effect 1 Character Journal : Full Version

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Commander Andreas Sheppard Personal Log
Year - 2183
Incident Search : - "Saren & First battle of Citadel", "Eden Prime Incident"


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Executive Officer (XO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
- Earth Space dock
February 19th / 20th  2183
Eden Prime - 1 ( + 1) (days)


Just been told that the Normandy is up and ready for its shakedown. Months overlooking the construction and finishing touches has finally come to a close; now is time for us to test its Stealth systems and make sure the ships is ready for full commission. Just set a message to my parents in the fleet, their commands put them on the other side of the galaxy so I try to send messages now and again. I will continue to report on the missions but now I have to go and meet Captain Anderson at the Normandy Dock.

Supplemental 0.0.2

Got a final look at the ship with Anderson before we took off, the ship itself is beautiful and the crew is ready to get going. Months of training is all ready to be put to the test. We picked up a SPECTRE from a council ship on its way here, seems they wanted to see their investment on the ship; I smell something fishy.

Supplemental 0.0.3

On the bridge with Joker and Alenko, watched us jump to the system where Eden Prime is located. Wont be long now, Stealth Systems seem to be working and all is ready. Anderson calls from the briefing room and tells me to get to the briefing room. Joker makes a cock up with Nihlus, the turian SPECTRE and Anderson, so shuts up.

Supplemental 0.0.4

Spoke with Navigator Presley, Doc Chakwas and Pvt Jenkins on way to the briefing room; the kid was itching for a fight but its going to get him killed one day, calmed him down though.

In the briefing hall, I met Nihlus for the first time and we spoke as we waited for the Captain; we spoke of Eden Prime, and as Anderson came in, they told me that I was to be a Candidate for the SPECTRE's, This mission and others to follow were tests to see if I am cut out for it.

The mission was not just a shakedown cruise; we were after a working Prothean beacon found on Eden Prime. Just as were talking about it, Joker but in and told us that a Distress call was coming from Eden Prime, the colony was under attack so we rushed to the planet with stealth Systems on. It looked like the Crew and the Normandy would get their first test of Action.

Supplemental 0.1.1

We dropped into the situation outside the colony, Nihlus went on ahead and I took Alenko and Jenkins at drop point 2. We moved through the fields and the tree's until we came to a path. it was all quiet until several Geth Recon drones came out of no where and fired upon Jenkins. He never stood a chance as the plasma burnt straight through his kinetic barriers. After we took out the drones I made sure Alenko was okay and told him we'd give Jenkins a decent burial when the mission was over.

Supplemental 0.1.2

We picked a soldier that had survived the attack for the few hours it had taken us to get to the planet. her name was Ashley Williams of the 212nd. We watched a pair of Geth soldiers impale a colonist on a huge spike; we had no idea why they did this but we would make them pay for ever colonist we saw on one of these.

Ashley took us to the dig site; after fighting through several Geth to get to it though.

Supplemental 0.1.3

Well the spikes do have a purpose. As we approached several, they lowered and it seemed the colonists had been turned into some kind of walking zombie. They were tough to take down but we managed to do it. After finding several survivors we headed down to the space port. We found Nihlus dead; a lazy dockworker who had been hiding explained that another Turian, named Saren, had shot Nihlus in the back of the head. He also stated the pair seemed to know each other and that was how he caught him off-guard.

Supplemental 0.1.4

We proceeded to the train line and moved up to the next Docking port after Saren. We found several bombs and after deactivating them and several more Geth, we found the beacon.

The area was secured and I was talking to the Normandy when I noticed Ashley getting to close to the Beacon and it began to drag her in. I was caught in it as I pushed her away. My feet lifted off the floor and I experienced a nightmarish vision before blacking out. Later I was told the Beacon Detonated.


Nihlus KIA
PVT Jenkins KIA
Beacon Destroyed
Colony decimated
Few survivors
Sheppard Taken to sickbay on Normandy


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Executive Officer (XO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
- Earth Space dock
February 21th 2183
Eden Prime + 1 (days)
Commander Sheppard's Log


Just got out of sickbay, explained to the doc and Anderson about my vision, was it our deaths I saw? Organics being butchered by Geth? Will this come to pass or will I be able to stop it? Who knows?. Anderson told me to go to the bridge, Joker is about to bring us into the Citadel, Its my first time here and I cant wait to see it; my mother once told me it was the biggest structure in the galaxy.

- Supplemental 1.1.1

Arrived on the Citadel, had a brief chat with Ambassador Udine, Don't think he really likes me; who cares, he is just a pencil pusher. Ash is amazed at the citadel and so am I, they actually have a lake here; on a space station!. We are going to head to the Citadel Tower to meet with the Council to present evidence in Saren's hearing. If he is there it will take a lot to stop me from putting a bolt into his face.

- Supplemental 1.1.2

Damnit! The council have let him go! Damn them. We need more evidence, Damn arrogant bastard, Next time I see him I will kill the smug bastard. On our way in we ran into a Turian C-Sec officer called Garrus Vakarian, He was in charge of the evidence for Sarens guilt. After a brief chat with Udine and Anderson, I am going to go looking for Garrus but have to go through a Middle man called Harken; some drunken officer. Also found out Anderson has a history with Saren, turns out Anderson worked with Saren to find a terrorist but Saren butchered innocents to find him. Saren really is a Monster.

- Supplemental 1.2.1

Headed to Chora's den and was ambushed by Turian assassins, Took them out with ease but the fact that Saren wants me dead seems to be evidence that I am a thorn in his side; good... I plan to keep it going. Chora's den was a sleazy place, Couple of Asari and human dancers, they were pretty good; I browsed the "Selection" as I looked out for Harken. On my way towards him, I bumped into a rather scary Krogan who was arguing with a Krogan Bouncer. Apparently his name is Wrex, Faced a Krogan before, not the best race you want to face down in a battle.

Sat down with Harken as he tried to push the conversation about Garrus aside and revealed that Anderson was actually the first human Spectre, Saren was his version of Nihlus for me; but He blew it and blames Saren. After shutting him up I got him to revel that Garrus had headed out to a Med Clinic on the other side of the wars; run by a "Dr Michael's" Heading over there now to find Garrus; hopefully no more assassins pop up.

- Supplemental 1.2.2

Walked right into that one didn't I? I walked into the Med clinic only to be confronted by several goons threatening the Dr, while Garrus was sneaking around the side; I was spotted by the leader before I could even take cover. The leader took the Dr Hostage and was about to fire in our direction when Garrus took the shot and killed the Leader. A quick fire fight ensued and I approached Garrus; who thanked me for the distraction, he was a good shot.

The Dr explained that the goons worked for Fisk, the man who runs Chora's den and were after someone called "The Quarian", apparently this Quarian had arrived several days before shot and scared; looking to speak with the Shadow broker so she sent the poor girl in the direction of Fisk, who worked for him. Garrus revealed that he no longer did and worked for Saren now. I asked Garrus to join us and sent Kaiden back to the ship and headed towards Chora's den again. Garrus spoke about the Krogan we met earlier, Wrex; suggests getting him on the team and I agree, will pick him up on the way back to the ship.

- Supplemental 1.2.3

Chora's Den was closed and I suspected they had caught whiff I was on my way, opening the door I was almost cut down by a hail of Plasma fire, luckily they were only goons, not soldiers. I tossed a grenade into the back and detonated a Fire exstinquiser, taking out 4 goons in one go. After pushing into the back I was confronted by Dock workers, Pathetic really, Scared them off with a quick speech; might as well as save the ammo.

Pushed into Fisks office and found him there, cowering behind a desk with two turrets online. Moments later he was down, Turns out Fisk was setting a trap for the Quarian and she was going to walk straight into it; I couldn't let him live for all he did, and warn Saren.

We rushed to the scene, Fighting through Chora's den once more and into the Wards. After a few minutes we found her, and took out the assassins. Her name was Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya, just hearing her voice I almost fell to my knees, She had the softest voice; I only wished I could see through her visor to her pretty face. Tali was on her pilgrimage, she had found evidence about Saren so we are heading back to Udine's office.

- Supplemental 1.3.1

Turns out the evidence she has is the best thing we found. Its an audio tape of her and some female talking about Reapers, Geth and something called the Conduit. Tali explains the Geth revere the Reapers as gods, they were a hyper-Machine Race 50 thousand years ago and may have hunted the protheans to extinction. I suddenly realise what my vision was, not our destruction; theirs, the Protheans. We have to stop Saren before he opens the Conduit and brings these Reapers back.

I sign Tali onto the team, why shouldn't I? her fighting skills and her voice, perfect. Tali, Garrus and I are heading to the Tower; Kaiden and Ash will sort out the Normandy if we have to leave.

- Supplemental 1.3.2

On my way out of the Embassies I was approached by a man called Samesh Bhatia, He needed help with his wife's body. She was on Eden Prime as part of the 212th Unit, turns out her body was not returned; I agreed to help. I found a clerk named Bosker and convinced him to hand over the body; turns out her body had wounds inconsistent with Geth Weapons damage and they wanted to test the body for ways to resist their weapons, I told him that even through we need to defend ourselves, doing this is the same thing as losing our Humanity. Samesh was happy to have gotten his wife back.

While at the Embassy bar, I found one of my men, Private Fredrick's, over heard him chatting about an Asari Consort; he was gloating about her and when I asked about her, it turns out he did not go. perhaps I should go over soon.

- Supplemental 1.3.3

I headed over to the Consorts place across the lake and it turns out it wasn't just some whore house I had expected, it was more of a nice place to chat with women, but also could be used for sex. I approached the woman at the door and told to wait three to four months, but was rushed in when the Consort saw me, turns out her name was Sha'ira and she needed my help. I had not been this close to an Asari before; well... apart from Chora's den, she smelt like a rare flower and her blue skin tined a light colour in the light. Sha'ira needed help with a former friend, a Turian General, they had fallen out and he hangs around in Chora's den spreading lies and drinking. Will pop by there when I can, but I best hurry to the council to present the evidence.

- Supplemental 1.4.1

Turns out the Council are not as stupid as they appear, they rescinded Saren's Spectre Status after hearing the evidence given by Tali, but did not listen about the Reapers; Fools!. Found out the woman's voice on the recording was Matriarch Benezia, a high powerful Biotic Asari with many followers. Udine demands a fleet but even I know that's useless; Hunting one man with a fleet will only cause a war in the systems you are in and near. So the Council make me the first "Official" human Spectre. The turian councillor didn't want me to be a Spectre but I will show him.

They send me after Saren who has fled into the Traverse, I am pointed to the C-sec academy for new gear and equipment.

- Supplemental 1.4.2

I just signed Wrex up to the team, He actually paid ME for killing Fisk; turns out it was his job and he did not like getting paid for me killing him. Good to have a Krogan on the team. I got my gear and headed up to the Normandy ( The Elevators take forever to get there, although I did get to look at Tali's ass and chat with her about her Pilgrimage. Upon getting to the deck, I found Anderson and Udine were talking; Turns out Anderson had been retired, and I am now in Command of the SSV Normandy.

I asked him about Saren and him being a Spectre, turns out something went wrong but did not push it; it was hard thing for him. Anderson points me towards several locations such as Benezia's Daughter: Dr Liara T'soni. Will hunt her down first, If she is on our side then we can use her help; if not we can take her out and hit Benezia where it hurts.

- Supplemental 1.5.1

Relaxed back in the quarters and then headed to the bridge; Joker told me to maybe give a speech so i thought I should. Putting on the comms, I began to speak. I thought I should be honest, I spoke about finding Saren before he found the conduit, that it would be dangerous and not easy, Eden Prime was not the last world he would attack, that Saren will be waiting for us and Humanity is alone in this fight. I swore to them that we will stop him.

Joker loved the speech, was never good at it, last time I gave a speech like this was on Elysium. I set a course for the Artemis Tau Cluster, Knossoss System, to the Planet Therum; Going to find Dr T'Soni first.



Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
  Planet Therum - System Knossoss - Artemis Tau Cluster
February 22nd 2183
Eden Prime + 2 (days)


We must find Dr T'soni, she is somewhere on this planet; there is no landing zone close to the mining camp so we decide to drop in the Mako and approached the camp.

The planet is hot, very hot. I decided to follow the tubes all the way to the camp but i had to be careful, there were many lakes of Lava that would easily burn out the Mako, even with its Kinetic barriers set to max.

Supplemental 2.1.1

Just as we caught the first glimpse of the dying star reaching over the mountains and hills; its lifecycle coming to a close within the next thousands of years, we were attacked by a huge Geth ship, as it dropped several Armatures within the Valley; it seems the Geth know Dr T'Soni is here and they are defiantly after her.

Supplemental 2.1.2

We approached a base that seemed to be used as an outpost for the mining dig, or some sort of refining area, but it did not matter; as we were attacked by Several geth before even getting anywhere near it. the front enterance was a no go, luckily Tali pointed out a small gap to the side and we skid the Mako in through there and managed to come in behind the base. Clearing out the base was easy and after opening the gate we are setting off.

Supplemental 2.1.3

We are approaching the dig site, the path was blocked so we had to leave the Mako out front and enter on foot. Attacked by a few snipers and a mass group of Geth foot soldiers; luckily no Armatures.

Supplemental 2.2.0

I had to put it down didn't I? As we neared the actual dig site where we could descend down the tunnel and into the prothean ruins, a Geth ship flew over and dropped several Geth as well as a single Armature unit. we barely made it through the fight, Tali was hit and went down; luckily she was in cover while Garrus and I managed to take out the rest before moving onto helping her.

Supplemental 2.2.1

We descended into the tunnel and met a few Geth, but once we got to the end we were only attacked by a few Geth turrets; the same model as the ones on Eden Prime, this brings my mind back to Jenkins. Taking them out quickly we proceeded on to the lift.

Supplemental 2.2.2

The lift broke down, *sigh* Seems we weren't going back up that way I turned to a Prothean force field holding us on one side of a large hive like structure; I was surprised to see our target, trapped inside a force field herself.

She woke up the moment she saw us and explained she was trapped, we'd need to get past the barrier curtain to get to her; it was rather comical really. I ask her about her mother and she claimed not to be like her mother and not spoken to her in years. Should I really trust her? she seemed innocent enough.

Supplemental 2.2.3

We tried to a find a way through the force field but was attacked by more Geth; that was when I spotted it, a Huge Mining laser. If we couldn't shut it down then perhaps we could go under it?

Supplemental 2.2.4

I got to Liara and managed to get her out the force field, but the cave had became unstable thanks to the Mining laser, we had to hurry out; I called for the Normandy but Joker said his ETA would be 8 minutes,  the cave would have been destroyed by the time they arrived.

Turing and heading up the lift, we were attacked by a Krogan and Geth; working for Saren. After a brief engagement they were downed and we managed to get up to the next level (where the lift broke) and ran out the ruins. Barely making it out before it collapsed and the Normandy flew in just in time to get us out of there. I swear I will be washing the scent of Sulphur out of my suit for weeks.

Supplemental 2.3.0

I called a meeting of the main Crew, after a brief chat I found out many things about the Protheans as well as Liara. Turns out she is  years old. barely a child in her race and had spent the last fifty years working on the Protheans. She had found some information and created a thesis but the other Asari would not listen, as she was basically a child.

Her thesis was that the Protheans were not the first race to rise and fall in our galaxy, and the galaxy was built on a cycle of Extinction. The Mass relays (who everyone thought the protheans created) were older then the protheans and all technology was based on older tech before they were being cast down. I explained what my vision was, and realised it wasn't humanity being wiped out, it was the reapers that wiped out the Protheans.

Liara said that few would be able to understand the visions and that I was Strong willed to even be alive with the information in my mind; I am glad Ashley did not get stuck in it then huh.

I signed her up on my team, she seems to be the good guy and the Krogan even tried to kill her; why would Benezia order a hit on her own daughter? unless she does not know and Saren is trying to kill her. I send her off to the Doc to get a clean bill of health before can give a huge speech about how he was not working with the reapers and merely using them, he is delusional and indoctrinated but blinded by it. A fight ensued and he ended up grabbing me by the throat; hovering me over the cliff. I was saved by the bomb timer as he fled; but I managed to sock him one in the face before he left. The teams quickly fled onto the Normandy and we got out of the blast Radius.


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
February 22nd 2183
Eden Prime + 2 (days)

Log 3.1.0

Headed to Sickbay office to check on Liara, she said she will be fine and thanked her for saving her life and got there in time; who knew what the Geth and the Krogan would have done to her before getting her to Saren. Crew does not trust her but I know she isn't like her Mother, After all kids don't grow up like their parents. Hell, Look at my; Mine are rising up the ranks in the fleet and I'm a Foot soldier, although I did pick up their determination.

We had a conversation about her personal life; her Journey to remote digs and how they were dangerous and Lonely, but she told me she liked the solitude. People had wanted her to follow in her mothers footsteps but she didn't, she was rebellious. She was drawn to the past and Protheans and also admitted to finding me interesting. I do have one thing to say about her; she cant take a joke... It might just be a human thing.

Supplemental 3.1.1

I headed down to the requisitions officer and got more kit, Also had a chat with tali'zorah about her life on Pilgrimage and the Quarian Folorilla, I even tried talking to Wrex, but he wasn't very talkative. I told joker to set a course for the next world, Noveria in the Pax System of the Horse Head nebula.

Supplemental 3.1.2

Received a message from a woman called Nassana Dantius, An ambassador on the citadel waiting in the Diplomats lounge on the Presidium for me.. Don't know what this is about.


Planet Noveria : System Pax : Cluster Horse Head Nebula

February 23rd 2154

Eden Prime + 3 (days)

Log Entry 4.0.0

We finally docked at Noveria with a not so warm welcome. We were threatened with Inpoundation if I don't prove I was a SPECTRE. The idiots, we should do something to pull a few strings and wind them up. I took Liara and Tali with me and damn was it cold. On our way in Security stopped us and did not believe my SPECTRE status, they actually wanted to take our weapons off us, I didn't allow this and a small stand off occurred until their commander stopped them.

Inside we were met by Gianna Parasini who apologised for the incident. I asked about any unusual people coming through and she told us Benezia was here. Liara was very worried about this and after being told by Gianna to see Administrator Anoleis for clearance to leave the facility to Benezia I spoke to Liara.

She was worried and was nervous about me keeping her on the team but I trusted her and would keep her on the team

Supplemental 4.1.0

Headed up to the Administrator's office. He was rather rude and called me a "Space Vagabond" if I wasn't on a mission to save the galaxy I would have put my vagabond fist through his Salarian face. He explained about Benezia bringing some cargo with her as well as a group of body guards. That only meant the Geth were hiding in the cargo and she would have Asari commando's with her. This would be tricky.

She has headed to PEAK 15 complex, its private and all shuttle have been grounded by a blizzard in the area. Meaning we take the Mako again. Anoleis wont let us go without a pass so we need to find one.

Supplemental 4.1.1

Gianna pointed us towards a Turian named "Lorik Qui'in" in the nearby bar. After we found him he explained he had a pass but Anoleis closed his office for "corruption". But it was only to find Lorik's evidence of Anoelis's corruption. Lorik would give us his pass if we collected the evidence before the goons did.

Supplemental 4.1.2

Collected the evidence, had a small encounter with ERCS Guards, smooth talked the first pair into leaving, but had to fight my way through the rest until Kara Stirling arrived to stop me; she was one of the guards with the loud mouth at the gate. She tried to smooth talk me but I wasn't buying it, they opened fire and we took them down with ease. To think goons and security forces thought they could take down a N7 Soldier and SPECTRE.

I headed back to Lorik but was stopped by Gianna, she told me to meet her in the bar before heading to Lorik. Turns out she is from Noveria Internal Affairs and her name is actually Gianna Parasini, she was undercover and said she would reward me if I convince Lorik to testify in court.

After some more smooth talking I managed to convince Lorik to Testify with the ol' "You will be a hero" routine. Gianna said she owed me a beer as she arrested Anoelis.

Supplemental 4.1.3

Got the garage pass and made my way into the Garage before we were attacked by Geth soldiers that Benezia clearly left here in case we come after her. I used a stationary tank to take them out; whoever this tank belongs too, I would kiss them for leaving it there.

We took the Mako out into the storm; getting rattled about inside but we can make it to the facility, i can drive this thing through hell and back and it will come without even a scratch.

Supplemental 4.2.0

Attacked by Geth on our way through the mountains but finally arrived at PEAK15. It was crawling with Geth and Krogan but everything is offline. We were greeted by turrets pointed to keep something in not out, and then attacked by some sort of bug like creature. Need to get the power back on and see what the rest of the facility is like.

Supplemental 4.2.1

Activated the Facilities VI, Named Mira. She told us everything was offline and Benezia headed on the Tramline. So we have to turn everything on before we head on the Tramway.

Supplemental 4.2.2

Managed to turn power on, core was full of geth but managed to fight through them, Next was the landlines and that was on the roof. The place was covered in those creatures but managed to finish that. We then proceeded to the Tramlines and found a tunnel full of them, tried to activate the defences but the computer wouldn't give so we just fought our way through them. After that we headed to RIFT station on the tram after benezia.

Supplemental 4.3.0

Arrived at Rift Station and found survivors holding out since the creatures broke out a week before. The commander told me Benezia is in the hot labs. Found out in the medical bay they were trying to create Bioweapons; even though it is forbidden, I will remember to add this to my report to the council.

I tried to make my way through one of the doors into the hot labs, something smelt fishy about this place. The turrets came online and attacked, even the men. I knew it.

Supplemental 4.3.1

Found Benezia in the hot labs. She was willing to kill her daughter just to do her mission for Saren. Explained that the things we fought were "Rachni" an ancient creature thought extinct by after the council sent the Krogan against them.

Fought through Benezia, her commando's and the geth. Talked to her when she was down, she had been brainwashed, it was weakening so we could talk to her. "Indoctrination" was the term, Sarens ship "Sovereign" was the ship we saw on Eden Prime, its the ship tat gets inside your head.

She made us kill her, Saren was inside her head still. As we checked the perimeter, the Rachni queen spoke through one of the Asari commando's to me, she wanted to leave and grow as a race; peaceful lives and not to start a war again. I let them go... I will not be responsible for a race being extinct, it could be humanity one day.

Rachni queen told me to kill her "children" here, they were blank slates and dangerous, not true Rachni.

Supplemental 4.3.2

Head down to the lab and start the Neutron Purge, attacked by the blank Rachni, 2 minutes to escape before the entire lab was destroyed but we made it to the lift in time and headed back to the Normandy

Supplemental 4.4.0

Had a meeting with the crew on the Normandy, Ash got at Liara but I calmed them down, everyone is on edge. After dismissing the crew, I sent my report to the council; they were angry with my choice about the Rachni, they weren't the ones out there though.


Benezia - KIA
Rachni Released.
Heading to next mission


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
February 24th 2183
Eden Prime + 4 (days)

Log Entry 5.0.0

On-board with Normandy, After the meeting I went and spoke to Liara again, had to make sure she was okay, Ashley had been rather rude and spoke about Benezia. In the office behind the Med bay I sat and talked with Liara, she explained she had never met much humans and was nervous around us; she also explained she looked into my history, into such events like the Blitz, just mentioning it brought back memories.

She wanted to know more about me and admitted she found me compelling and intriguing, does this mean she has feelings for me? She began to talk about me and Ash, asking if there was something there but I told her we were just friends, Ash is too much xenophobic for my liking. She was relieved, so i asked her about us, and she did admit there was an attraction to me so I revealed mine too, she sounded overjoyed when I told her; it was nice to see her happy and a good distraction about her mother. She asked for time to think so i left.

Supplemental 5.0.1

Had a walk around the ship again, spoke with tali, wrex, had a target practise with garrus, turns out he can take me for my money in a shooting game and Kaidens being a bit of an arse again.

Supplemental 5.0.2

Was resting in my room while the ship is prepared to head out to the next planet when I got a message from the Citadel, Top Priority. The council had info on Saren, an infiltration team has gone dark and their communication before last mentioned a base of Sarens; they went dark and their last message was scrambled but on a high ranking frequency that it is too important to leave. The council gave the coordinates to Virmire and we headed there.

On course now and I am checking our weapons, its going to be a hot drop and I need to be prepared to take down Saren.


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
PLANET Virmire : SYSTEM Hoc: CLUSTER Sentry Omega
February 25th 2183
Eden Prime + 5 (days)


Arrived in the Virmire System, we detected the strike teams signal and scanned the local area to find several Anti-ship and Anti-air batteries, so I guess we wont be going down in the Normandy for a soft touch landing; I ordered the Mako to be prepped for a hard and fast landing, we will bring down the towers and then have the Normandy land at the Strike teams base. Liara and Tali will be joining me in the Mako on the ground, cant wait to see Liara's face with her first hard landing drop, Tali's was very interesting through her visor.

Supplemental 6.0.2

Made it through the several outposts and cut a small hole in the defence perimeter for the Normandy to fly and land through, Seems either Saren or just the geth are here as we have faced down a few squads of them; nothing much but enough to put a normal team down.

Making out way to the strike team base to link up with the Normandy and the Strike team; Joker says they are now grounded so I have to speak with the Captain of the team.

Supplemental 7.0.3

Arrived at the camp and oh how it has been an interesting half an hour. Had a chat with the captain of the team, Captain Kirahee. The entire team is Salarian; i guess with their greater brain power and weaker structure they would make more than decent stealth operatives.

Kirahee explained the base was Sarens and that he had found a cure for the Genophage, Wrex heard this and got pissed at the idea that we had to stop him, after storming off from us I had a chat with Kaiden and Ash, she said we might need to 'put him down', I agree with her if he gets dangerous.

Supplemental 6.0.4

I headed over to Wrex to try and talk sense into him, he was convinced Saren was the salvation to his people, but I told him that they would only become slaves to him, like the Geth, it took a lot of convincing but Wrex believed me and stuck by us in the end; Just glad I didn't have to signal Ash.

Supplemental 6.0.5

Went back to talk to Kirahee, after he had a talk with his people they explained to us the plan. We are going to take the Mass Effect core from his vessel and rig it to detonate with the power of a Nuclear Device, three distraction teams: "Aegohr" , "Mannovai" , "Jaëto"  Will move in to cover my Team "Shadow team" and after making my way into the base will shut down the interior defences to allow the Normandy to land with the nuke before extraction all together.

He wanted me to send a team member with one of the other teams so I chose Ash, Kaiden will deal with the Nuke. I later asked Kirahee on the names of his teams and it turns out they were the Name of the First three Salarian Settlements that they were fighting for.

He then gave a speech to his men, a very good speech, "Hold the line..." Maybe I should use that one day, if it doesn't become famous. Liara and Tali join me on Shadow team and we about to move out.

Supplemental 6.1.0

The distraction team did their job as Shadow team pushed around the back, we managed to disrupted he communications systems, Satellite uplink and disable the drones that the Geth had set up here.

Finally our team had made it to the main facility, we could cut the alarms but also send a alarm burst on the other side of the base; this would hurt the distraction teams so we simply turned off the alarms, I can deal with a few Geth soldiers.

Supplemental 6.1.1

Made our way through the facility, we found more geth and also found the remnants of Kirahee's team that had been captured; they had been Indoctrinated. We pushed through the facility towards what we found out later to be Saren's command room. On the outside we ran into Rana Thanoptis, a Asari neurospecialist who was helping Saren and the Genophage cure. She let us into his command room so I let her go but she has to outrun a nuke.

Supplemental 6.1.2

Inside his quarters we found another intact prothean Beacon, as I approached I experienced the visions again but this time much clearer. As we made our way to the main platform we caught sight of a hologram of his ship, "Sovereign" It began to talk to us. turns out his ship isn't a geth dreadnought after all... Its a reaper...

It began to recite a evil speech about "Organics are a genetic mistake", clearly a god complex right there. Sovereign explained that all tech was based on their technology so they could easily push us down the paths they wanted us to, even the mass Relays were created by them.

Sovereign cut off connection and made a 180 U-turn to head towards us. Joker radioed in and told us trouble was on its way. We had to hurry to take down the AA turrets.

Supplemental 6.1.3

Made our way through the breeding facility and stopped the cure. Onto the AA turrets and finally brought the Normandy down. We began to set up the bomb after securing the area of geth. We get a report from the Diversion team that they are having trouble. I leave Kaiden with the nuke and head off through one of the side area's to an elevator, When I reach there I get a message from Kaiden, he is in trouble too; the bomb was hit and there is only time to Save one of the groups.

I decided to save Ash and the Salarians, Kaiden would be able to detonate the bomb when we leave; it will mean I save more people who can fight at a later battle. I regretted leaving him.

Supplemental 6.1.4

I supported Ash and the Salarians but Saren arrived on a hovering platform and began to give a huge speech about how he was not working with the reapers and merely using them, he is delusional and indoctrinated but blinded by it. A fight ensued and he ended up grabbing me by the throat; hovering me over the cliff. I was saved by the bomb timer as he fled; but I managed to sock him one in the face before he left. The teams quickly fled onto the Normandy and we got out of the blast Radius.


Supplemental 6.2.0

Ash blames herself for Kaiden's death, I reassure her and told her I made the decision and that Kaiden died for the good of the mission; not in vain. Liara wanted me to tell her about the visions now they were clearer; lots of unanswered questions hopefully Feros will have the answers we need.

Supplemental 6.2.1

Set up a link with the council; I tried to warn them about Sovereign being a reaper but they did not believe me; I disconnected with them, I couldn't be bothered with their ignorance at this time...


Kaiden - KIA - Recommend for Medal
Salarian Team - Collected & Secure
Saren Base - Destroyed
Genophage cure - Destroyed.
Sovereign a Reaper.
Set course for Feros


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
February 25th 2183
Eden Prime + 5 (days)

Log Entry 7.0.0

The ship is quiet, We are all taking Kaidens death hard, I spoke to all the crew, Liara, tali, Ash in particular; had a chat with wrex as well but he was indifferent, i understand as he is a soldier and a krogan.

Liara and I had a chat about Saren, she felt sorry for him and So did I; he was under the control of the reapers and cant see it, Liara wondered if he could feel his mind slipping or is it just a total thing?

We talked about relationships within Asari's and how they are connected to each other and "Transcend the physical world" that two become one... It sounds very interesting. She wanted me to join in the union with her but to take it a bit slow at the moment, she had never been with a human before so she just wanted to be sure of her feelings. I told her to take all the time she needed, as long as she is comfortable.

Supplemental 7.0.1

We set course for Feros; Saren needs to pay for what he has done.

Supplemental 7.0.2

We received a message from Admiral Hackett, he needs my help with an Alliance Training ground on the moon; the VI there has gone haywire.


Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
PLANET Feros : SYSTEM Theseus: CLUSTER Attican Beta
February 26th 2183
Eden Prime + 6 (days)

Log Entry 8.0.0

We have made it to the Theseus System, and landed at the colony "Zhu's Hope", I brought Tali and Liara with me once more and we exited the ship; a colonist met us and told us to find a man named "Fai Dan" but the colonist was quickly killed by a Geth Patrol before he told us anything more. We killed the Geth and pushed our way into the colony's defences.

Supplemental 8.0.1

Met with Fai Dan but was interrupted again by a Geth attack on their defences, we pushed into the ruins of the Prothean Skyway and took out the geth there; sending the transport that brought them away.

Returning to Fai, we were told to go to the Exo-Geni Headquarters across the Skyway. We made our way to the Skyway and found a Mako waiting for us; we unsealed the gate and proceeded onto the Skyway.

Supplemental 8.0.2

On the Skyway we made through the geth and approached a destroyed building where the skyway went down to another level; we began to pick up some signals from inside and headed down to find survivors from the Exo-Genic corporation who had escaped and had been hiding here.

Spoke with them, and found one one of the members (Juliana) daughter was missing, asked me to look out for her; I promised would look out for her and bring her back if I saw her.

Supplemental 8.1.0

We headed across the rest of the Prothean Skyway and made our way into the Exo-Geni Headquarters; the Geth were waiting for us at the door, having sealed it part way so the Mako couldn't fit in, It didn't mean we couldn't fire into it.

Proceeding on foot, we walked right into a Armature but took it out rather easily. The door was blocked by a force field so we had to jump down a ledge with no going back; hopefully we could get the force field down from inside the Headquarters.

Supplemental 8.1.1

Guess walking around a corner first and leading from the front does have its drawbacks, I almost had my head blown off by a woman inside the facility; she had been fighting against a group of Varen and thought I was one of them, do I smell that bad?

Turns out it was Juliana's daughter and her name was Lizabeth, she old me of a creature called a Thorian and that Exogeni were studying it; this was probably what the Geth were after. She gave us her key card, hopefully it would come in handy up ahead sometime.

I proceeded upstairs and told her to only move when the gunfire stops. We walked up the stairs and found a Krogan trying to access the Headquarters' VI, but he was unable to thanks to not having a key card. He went into a krogan berserker charge but we took him out before he even came a foot in front of me; thanks to Tali and her shotgun and Liara's biotics.

After accessing the VI and asking what the Krogan wanted, my suspicions were true, they wanted the Thorian or "Species 27" by the records; and it turns out the thorian was hidden under Zhu's Hope, they were using the coloniests as lab rats.

I contacted Joker to seal the ship; I couldn't have anyone on the Normandy getting infected by this Thorian spores but the Geth ship latched onto the side of the building was blocking communications, I would have to either stop the jamming or get rid of the ship.

Supplemental 8.1.2

We proceeded through the ruins of the Headquarters, the entire place was built into the previous Prothean structures; but now it was just as much rubble the Prothean structure before it. More Geth attacked and we found ourselves in a large room filled with a Geth ships claw of some kind pushing through the wall with a small glowing ball that the Geth seemed to be kneeling and praying to; this only meant we got the jump on them as we launched an all out attack.

Towards the back of the room we found another claw pushing through a huge doorway; it had forced the door open and held tightly into the building. On a nearby sign it stated the door was a High Pressure door and could easily rip through ship armour if the pressure was high enough; this was our  chance.

Supplemental 8.1.3

After some fiddling with the controls; Tali, Liara and I managed to build up the pressure to a safe enough level that the door wouldn't break but would cut the claw in half. It was a success, the claw came  clean off like a limb being hacked by a blade.

We heard a large creak and the Geth ship could easily be seen through the windows as it fell to the ground several hundred miles. I would so loved to have seen the Geths face when they came towering down into the ground.

After it was destroyed the Normandy finally made communication with us; the Colonists had gone crazy and started attacking the Normandy so they had sealed up the ship. Lizabeth arrived and began to tell me about the thorian; I told the Normandy crew not to hurt the Colonists, they were under the control of the Thorian and were being controlled against their will. We needed to get back and sort this mess out.

Supplemental 8.2.0

Pushing across the Prothean Skyway once more we were once again attacked by the Geth, they just don't quit do they? We destroy one of their ships and they send two up against us?

As we arrived towards the ExoGeni Survivor outpost, we began to get messages from the radio's, Juliana and john were arguing and it sounded like it wasn't going well. Lizabeth jumped out the Mako as we neared he place and began to sneak up. I moved up behind her and we found John going  crazy, he was about to hurt Juliana; if Lizabeth hadn't blown our cover we would have been able to disable the guards and save her, but the girl had to rush in and blow our cover.

It turned out Exogeni waned to purge the entire area and kill everyone, he is just wanted the Thorian. I told him to stop, but he began to challenge me, and drew his gun on me; so I shot him, someone stupid enough to draw a gun on a N7 Spectre disserves to be killed.

Juliana and lizabeth worked out a way to save the colonists using a add-on for my grenades, rendering the grenades useless as explosives but they stop the Thorian control on organics and render them unconscious.

Supplemental 8.2.1

Pushing through to Zhu's hope, we were confronted by a Geth husk like creature; obviously a dead colonist that had been brought back to life. The scanner managed to pick it up and labelled it a "Creeper". We began to push forward into the colony, we had to take the Colony back and save the colonist.

Supplemental 8.2.2

We managed to save all the colonists with the grenades and take care of the Creepers. They went down like flies with the grenade modifications we were given. As we moved into the Colony, Fai Dan came out under the control of the Thorian and before we could do anything he placed his pistol to his own head and fired. Finding the switch to lift the housing unit off the enterance to the Thorians nest; we descended the staircase and prepared for the worst.

Supplemental 8.3.0

We made it down into the Thorians Nest we finally got a look at the mythical creature. It was a huge plant, holding itself up with tendrils that pushed through solid concrete like a weed. As we approached the main "head", it began to move. An Asari seemed to be spat out the thorians mouth; she was different then most Asari, her skin was green not blue like most.

The Asari spoke for the thorian, I asked it what Saren had gotten from the thorian and he had asked for a "cypher" of the prothean language and mind; it seems the thorian had lived during the Prothean massacre and even longer then that, hidden away in its cave. Over the millennia it had accessed the minds of the colonists of Feros from every race that had lived there. I asked for the cypher but it would not give it to me, Saren had betrayed it and left the geth to kill it; it did not trust me.

Supplemental 8.3.1

The Thorian attacked us and sent more "creepers" after us, we managed to take out some nerve pods that lined the tendrils and weakened the thorian enough to hurt it; i actually think I killed it.

Out of a pod in the wall, the Asari who Saren had left here was released as the thorian died; she explained she had the cypher and even have it to me through the Asari mind meld... thing...

The visions became even more clearer now, I saw a planet with a binary star, the destruction of the Organic protheans against the reapers and their husks... I saw Sovereign.

Supplemental 8.3.2

After a few hours I managed to get the colony a few supplies and helped them out a little more, the Asari said she was going to help Zhu's Hope start again and hopefully live a normal life.

Heading back to the Normandy to get some rest after the visions.


Supplemental 8.4.0

Had the crew assemble for a meeting, we discussed the visions and Liara wanted to meld with my mind to see if she could understand my vision a little better this time; I allowed it and she recognised the binary star system. Ilos..

She explained that the visions I had touched deep inside the Prothean beacon had been a distress call by the Protheans about the reapers, but by the time they had sent it, it was too late.

We discussed Ilos in further detail and found the Mue Relay was the only to Ilos and the Mue Relay is deep in the Terminus Systems; where the Geth are currently guarding... The alliance and even the spectres are not liked there.

Liara was exhausted from the "joining" so I told the crew to go rest, We have a big day tomorrow trying to sneak through the Mue relay and finally catch up to Saren and Sovereign.


Zhu's Hope cleared of Geth
Exo-geni report sent to Alliance detailing use of Colonists
Thorian Killed
Cypher retrieved
Heading for the "Conduit" on Ilos through MUE relay.



Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
February 26th 2183
Eden Prime + 6 (days)

Log Entry 9.0.0

After the Meeting I headed to see Liara, make sure she was better before I made a tour of the Normandy; checked for battle damage and to make sure the crew are okay. The aliens on-board are getting accustomed to living on a human vessel but the air is quiet and tense with the death of Kaiden.

I spoke with Ash down in the hanger and she blames herself, for making me make a choice between her or him. I reassured her and told her not to blame herself; I made the choice.

A report from the council arrived, They have given me confirmation to go after Saren but Udine wants us to go back to the Citadel to addend a Mass Fleet Meeting.

I hope Udine doesn't have some dirty trick up his sleeve to get in our way or the council does something stupid; we will have to wait and see.



Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
February 27th 2183
Eden Prime + 7 (days)

LOG ENTRY 10.0.0

We docked with the Citadel an headed to the Council chambers for the meeting, I had to go alone, this was for me, the council and Udina. The council explained that now the evidence of Saren was large enough for the Council to do something, they had set up checkpoints on every Mass relay between citadel space and the Terminus systems; watching for when Saren brings his Geth Army through. It wont be enough.

I suggested that we send the fleet to Ilos, where Saren is but the council wont, they wont even believe that he is there. I then suggested sending me instead; a single SPECTRE could make his way there, and with the NORMANDY we could easily sneak in.

They denied it, bringing up my past, working with Liara, nuking Virmire, they don't believe me about the conduit. Udine ends up grounding the Normandy and takes the ship away from me; he sells us out with his only response being 'Just Politics. No one stabs me in the back.... nobody.

Supplemental  10.1.1

I return to the NORMANDY, its the only place I can go to rest, my only home here on the citadel. I am angry, well; that's an Understatement. Liara comes to see me, we sit chatting on in the Personal quarters section. The council owes me everything, I am trying to save the galaxy here and they don't believe me at all about anything!

Liara tells me she is with me with every step, she gets close for a moment, we share the moment, almost kiss.... but Joker interrupts; he was clearly listening in. He tells us that Anderson wants to me in the Wards at a club called Flux. Hopefully he has an idea how I can get the ship out of here.

Supplemental 10.2.1

On my way to the Wards, a News Caster interrupts me in the C-Sec Academy. She asks for an interview and I decide, okay; it might be a chance to get the information on Saren out there and give me some good rep. It doesn't go to plan, she begins to keep bringing up the bad side to the military and me, I tell her about Eden Prime, Saren and the Geth on the way, I scare her so much she has nothing to say; I was so close to punching her.

Supplemental 10.2.2

I got into flux and made my way over to Anderson, he looked so different in his civilian attire; I've only ever seen him in his dress uniform. We talk for a while, he explains that he could unlock the ship through two ways. He could either go to Ambassador Udine's office and give the command to C-sec with a false ID, or go straight to the C-sec Tower and unlock the ship Manually. The first way could get him arrested, the second Killed; I tell him to go to the Office, there are enough dead heroes. He tells me to get back to the Normandy and prepare for the release. We salute, shake hands and he wishes me luck.

Supplemental 10.3.1

On the Normandy, I sit waiting on the bridge, Joker is waiting for the green light so he could get us out; I told the crew the plan, I told them that we could be court martialled for this, I gave any the chance to leave; none did... I know this crew will do what it takes to stop evil.

The Ship unlocked a few minutes later, we shot out the Citadel like a Bat out of hell, heading straight to the Mass Relay and going straight to Ilos.

Next Stop Ilos and Saren, The final mission.



Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
ONBOARD NORMANDY - Leaving Citadel Space towards Ilos
February 27th 2183
Eden Prime + 7 (days)

LOG ENTRY 11.0.0

We did it, we evaded the Citadel forces and made our way into the Terminus systems; next stop Ilos. I moved to talk to the Crew, making my way through the ship and making sure everyone was okay. I had a message from Hacket, he told me I shouldn't have left but wishes me luck.

Heading back up to my quarters to rest up before the mission and come up with some sort of plan.

Supplemental 11.1.0

Just warned we are nearing Ilos, Liara had come up to my quarters during the night and we 'bonded' for the first time; I've never had a interspecies relationship before, defiantly not gone this far with it... Now I hope we get back from this mission.

Supplemental 11.2.0

Ilos is in sight, we are moving in system to stop Saren, Now is the end of our mission, we MUST do this.



Commander Andreas Sheppard Journal.
N7 Service Number : 5923-AC-2826
Commanding Officer (CO) - SSV NORMANDY SR1
Planet : ILOS
February 28th 2183
Eden Prime + 8 (days)

LOG ENTRY 12.0.0

Approaching Ilos, we go into Stealth mode; the Geth were waiting for us but we snuck by, unaware of our entry we scan Ilos. The nearest landing zone is 2 clicks away, and Saren is already on the location (we have to assume this, he has had longer to find this place). Presley and Ash are arguing over where we should go; find a new drop zone or drop 2 clicks away.

I told them to drop the Mako. Presley warned we needed One hundred meters for a safe landing, but the landing zone is only twenty meters. Joker tells us he can get us down, I trust him, my words exactly were 'Drop me right on his ass'

Supplemental 12.0.1

Joker didn't fail to deliver, he put us right on Saren's ass, we came down at the drop zone like a bullet out a projectile weapon; Tali was almost sick in her suit and Liara held onto my hand so tight I could barely pull the controls around to stop us before we rammed right into the large door Saren sealed behind him.

Getting out we found the door had been sealed from a security station nearby, we'd have to fight through an army of Geth to get to it before re-acquiring Saren's tail. He wont get away this time.

Supplemental 12.0.2

Managed to fight through several Geth soldiers and Mechs before getting to the security station. After turning off the security doors, a old Prothean message began playing; I could understand it, but the others seemed to be confused, hearing a "strange language". It seems that I can understand Prothean spoken language thanks to the Cypher we acquired from Feros.

The message is a warning against the reapers, sent out to all stations in the Prothean Empire, it seems they had been too late.

Supplemental 12.0.3

Made our way back to the Mako and began to pursue Saren. Fought through a few scattered Geth soldiers he left behind to stop us but we could handle them; until we ran into an energy barrier. Once we passed up to it, another appeared behind us, we were trapped. It didn't look like a trap Saren had, a door had appeared to open beside us, so we headed through and down the lift on the other side. We found a old room, overgrown with plants and filled with what appeared to be Stasis pods; all shut down, we had seen hundreds of these on our way through the lower levels.

A VI appeared in front of us, damaged but still working. It began to speak in English, the VI introduced itself as "VIGIL" and told us it had been watching us and Saren, finding the "Taint of Indoctrination" on him but not us, judging we are allies, it brought us here to talk.

The VI explained to us about the reapers and the Protheans last stand; the Conduit. It also told us the Citadel is a trap, a huge mass relay able to bring the reapers from their hiding in Dark space to the centre of government in one stroke; like all races before. The Protheans had began to create Mass Relays for themselves, the rest being built by Reapers; the Conduit was their first success, a backdoor into the citadel. VIGIL was to keep this facility under watch, but as power died, he had to shut off the lower ranked scientist and finally when the Reapers were gone, awoke the few key researches.

These Protheans headed back to the citadel and managed to sabotage it, save the next race; the Keepers open the relay for Sovereign and allow the Reapers through but they added a code to stop it. The protheans died on the citadel but their legacy allowed us to have a chance.

Supplemental 12.0.4

We head on our journey to the conduit and stop Saren, fighting through Army of Geth, Liara is scared we wont make it, but I told her that I would give my last breath to stop Saren.

Approaching the Conduit, it appeared to be a small (relatively) Mass Relay. Between us, 5 of the biggest geth mechs. Tali and Liara detect a build up of energy from the Conduit, it is going to stop working in less then 30 seconds. I instantly put my food to the pedal and set the turret on the Mako to fire at anything in the way. Liara holds my hand and I think I even felt Tali hold it too, she mumbled something under her breath and I am pretty sure she mumbled my name.

The Mako hit the lip of the Conduit and my stomach suddenly hit my throat.

Supplemental 12.1.1

I think we hit something, when we got out the Mako, I found we had hit something; two geth soldiers who had come to see what the noise was. We had arrived on the Citadel, just outside the Citadel Tower, the small Mass relay statue outside was now active, it was the conduit; I would have never known. Liara kissed me and Tali gave me a deep hug, we had made it but the Mako was history, the citadel didn't seem to be holding well, fires burned and bodies littered the floor. Straight away we picked up what was going on outside; the Fleet had arrived, the Normandy headed to Earth and pick up as many ships as he could, but to my memory only the 3rd, 4th and 5th fleet was there.

We headed into the Tower lift, we had to make it to the council chambers before Saren activated the Citadel.

Supplemental 12.1.2

The lift stopped about half way up, the citadel had begun to close, this could only mean one thing; Sovereign was here and Saren was in the chambers. Putting on our helmets and sealing out suits (apart from Tali, she was already sealed up) I shot out the window and we bean to move EVA across the outside. We had to hurry.

Supplemental 12.1.3

After fighting through So many Geth and Krogan mercs, we finally arrived at the Council chambers, Saren was at the console; we managed to get pretty close before he began to attack us on his hover platform.

I was suddenly more shocked at him, he had taken more implants after our fight, he was being indoctrinated even more through these implants. He began his evil speech but I retaliated, he knows we cant stop it forever, I will admit; its true, but we can fight, I try to convince him to stop the reapers with us, he tries to fight it, but... 'Its too late for me' was his last words. In his last breath he shoots himself.

Even after Eden Prime, all this, I pity the man, he only wanted to keep what he loved safe.

Supplemental 12.1.4

I rush to the console and upload a program VIRGIL gave me, it gives me the ability to open the arms and stop Sovereign. I pick up a signal from the Destiny Ascension, the flagship of the citadel fleet; she is holding the Council and is under attack, disabled and being targeted. I also receive a message that Joker and the fleet has arrived, he tells me he could save the Ascension if I open the arms, but Liara warns me that if I do, we will loose many ships.

I open the arms, Even after what the council did and ignored me, I will not let them die because of that. The arms open and the fleet attacks the Geth and Sovereign.

Supplemental 12.1.5

I send Liara and Tali down to make sure Saren is dead, I don't want anymore surprises. As I begin to check the systems, the body of Saren is suddenly reanimated, controlled by Sovereign through the implants like a Husk.

Supplemental 12.1.6

We managed to fight Saren's dead Husk. It was hard but we managed to destroy it. I walked over to tali and Liara; Liara and I began to kiss as we watch Sovereign being destroyed. that's when we realise what's happening; a large part is coming straight towards us, we dive out the way as the wreckage hits the chambers.

Supplemental 12.1.7

Anderson had come to find us, from what Liara told me, they found her and tali, but couldn't find me, thinking me dead they had been about to leave when they saw me stride out the wreckage like a hero.

Later the council met with us on an undamaged part of the citadel, they wanted to thank me for saving them; and decided that thanks to my part in taking down Saren and the fleet's loss in the battle, Humanity had deserved a seat on the council and they want me to choose a councillor, I decide to pick Anderson, he is honourable and wont stab me in the back *cough* Udina* cough*

I told them my job isn't finished, the reapers are still out there and now they know something is wrong, they will be trying again soon. I head back to the Normandy, and set off for the next star system and... bed with Liara.

Commander Sheppard... Out...



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